We Walk On The Same Road!


Gift from a toad………………………………………………………………..

Originally posted on DarkPrinceOfTime:

We Walk On

The Same Road!

A touching heart

song surely known

walk through time

lack golden doubt

feel a loved kisses

now an anger well

filling up to brim

it won’t work back

ever changed rhyme

be strong be true

the world needs all

every bit of


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Originally posted on Hastywords:


Your voice used to be like falling rain

Watering parched, thirsty earth

You used to whisper to me

Stealing wind from my lungs

Yet, you left me oxygenated

Mine for a moment in time


We kept drifting off course

Kept falling over boundaries

Tripping on unwritten rules

But you are the love I crave

The eyes I need to see me

The heart I need to feel me


You make it so hard to turn away

Your spirit part of mine, attached

We never promised forever

So when it’s time I’ll sit

I’ll watch you disappear

Content in the yesterdays spent


So many words don’t make sense

They get lost in a crowd of noise

But when I feel you hold my hand

I understand without a sound

We are no longer meant to be

You are no longer meant for me


When I see you…

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The Ride 1958 Cadillac



The Ride 1958 Cadillac


This ride is one of those very late posts, now the toad is not really sure of the make of car, nonetheless believing it to be a 1958 Cadillac, was parked down in the industrial area of Vancouver. Where a toad does spend a lot of time do to friend squatting in the area.

So a toad gives you the 1958 Caddy…


P.S.  This was the year that a toad came to be!…



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