Poet Thief (Words Like Love!)


i could not let it go, too tempting, i’m sorry Hasty!

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Poet thief

Words Like Love!

My words i give lovingly

sadly miss interpret

to christen thee i tame

smothering with loving

the world we live in

i will let your words

baptizes me not in shame

as our tongues tickle

its love together with me

loving beauty always seen

except my words lovingly

as our kisses soared

deep into our loving souls

healing the wounds

making us lovingly whole

please let those words

do all these things

because they invoke

a love in thee

that soft bright love

caring and giving

the gifted words

straighten me

Original Poem By Hastywords

Words like whore

I will let your words
Hatefully construed
Wash over me
Burning and scorching
The world I live in
I will let your words
Baptize me in flames
As your tongue flicks
Its blame; branding me
The whore you see me as
I will let your words
Scratch jagged sores

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Downtown Nissan (toad memory)

Downtown Nissan-102


Downtown Nissan

(toad memory)

The toad will tell the true to life story how he remembers….

It was sometime back the own of Downtown Nissan 216 West 2nd Avenue, purchased a lot which was across street from his place on West 2nd the half empty and had an old restaurant that had just close down.

It was in the winter, one of the very few times we got a lot of snow in the city. Only knowing this because the toad is 5th generation BC

Anyway back to toad’s tale, i was squatting tented-up because of the huge snow fall. Well basically trespassing on some buddies property. Well after the new own came to me and ask me to leave, now that is all good i was trespassing.

This is the part of the story, which I believe kindness and love was shown to toad , however it has been many years before a small understand of love or kindness. Well the own made it clear about leaving the property. But he had said wait until the snow leaves, the owner was true to his word… The toad pass the business many times each the memory of the kindness of business own had for the toad long ago in cold winter in Vancouver BC Canada.

Thank You, Sir!

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True Story


i the toad find that truly hurtful, you write true to life nothing! You write garbage poetry you get a reaction.

What is the world coming too?

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True Story

Write a true story

memory of grandmother,

i as a young child!

You do the work make a post

see only, one blogger likes!


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